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Legalization Services is a private organization which is operated by Visas y Tramites Internacionales. The owner of Visas y Tramites Internacionales is an American who has 10 years experience in legal document processing in the United States, and 5 years in Colombia working with Visas and legal documents, (TRAMITES en Colombia). We receive and process documents which need to be authenticated and passed between foreign countries. We are the pros when it comes to authenticating and legalizing documents from various languages and different foreign countries for use within the United States, and around the world. We can translate, authenticate and Apostille documents from more than 10 different languages. Don't worry about calling up 4 multiple agencies to handle the complex process for international documents, Colombia can save you time, money and reduce your headaches.

Document Legalization Services for Use in Colombia

image1Must be handled by a Colombian embassy, consulate, or the Ministerio de realciones exteriores in Bogota Colombia, (Ministerio de relaciones Exteriores en Español). Legalization of documents is necessary convert documents from foreign countries for use in the United States. If you skip this process the documents will not be accepted in the United States. Legalization of a document is the final process in the international legal document processing chain. The process starts with getting a document notarized or authenticated.

Document Legalization Services for Use in USA

image1Must be handled by a United States Embassy, consulate, or the State Department in Washington DC, (This is the Ministry of Foreign Relations in English). Legalization of documents is necessary convert documents from foreign countries for use in Colombia. If you skip this process the documents will not be accepted in Colombia. The final step depends on how you will be using the documents in the United States and who will be receiving them. If you introduce documents to an embassy, immigration services, or a court in the United States, they may all have different requirements. We are linked to over 850 notaries and various state entities in Colombia. Click here to see the list of all Notaries in Colombia.

Visas y Tramites Internacionales visa processing section specializes in assisting people or companies with filling out the correct forms and obtaining the correct certified and translated papers necessary for these type of applications. Papers needed for assists people with processing papers for Colombian Visas at Colombian Consulates, Colombian Embassy, or in Bogota Colombia at the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores. This may include some or all of the following; organizing papers, locating documents, ordering necessary documents, certifications, apostilles, official translations, and filing visa applications for long term residency visas in Colombia and/or the United States. We enjoy answering questions people have regarding Colombia Residency Visas, however we are not the Colombian Embassy, but we are experts at applying for long term and residency visas. For information purposes we have listed addresses and contact information for Colombian Consulates in the United States below on this page. We do however invite all people to contact us regarding questions about traveling to or living in this wonderful country.

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