Visa to Work in Colombia

On this page we are going to cover the subject of how to get a Visa to Work in Colombia. The first thing you need to know is that this visa was created for people living in Colombia and working straight for a Colombian company.

Whoever applies for this visa must have professional credentials or some sort of title in a related matter to get approved with no complications. Most People believe they just have to come to Colombia and start working here, but this is far from truth. Colombians take good care of their jobs since they are the ones who need it the most.

Think how hard can be to get a work visa in a develop country that has plenty of jobs, now imagine how it is for a developing country, they are not any happier than Americans or Europeans about aliens coming to their country to occupied working positions.

Now, this doesn't mean that it is impossible to get a work visa, only means that is not that simple either, you have to file the application an meet the proper requirements, not just the basic ones, but the ones they are really looking for. At that time is when you need professional and experienced consultation, so you can increase your chances of getting the Visa to Work in Colombia.


Colombia Work Visa Costs

Consular Visa Fee + Consular Doc Review Fee

$205 USD ( US CITIZENS $0) + 50 USD

$205 USD (US CITIZENS $0) + 95.000 Pesos

Professional Immigration Services for Visa

$395,000 Pesos / $220 USD

Apostille(s), Translations(s), Legalization(s)

65 - 95 USD (Apostille seal for Foreign Diploma or Transcript)

117 - 171.000 COP (Ejemplo, Apostillar Diploma o Certificado de Estudios)

Messenger, Mail, and Notary Fees

$20 USD up to $100 USD

$38.000 Pesos up to $180.000 Pesos

* Individual Cases of Colombia Work Visa applications vary as each case is different, cost varies depending on the country and consulate in which you will be applying for your visa as well. Colombian documents do not need apostilles, translations or legalizations, but documents from the USA do need to pass through the document legalization process. This process varies depending on if you apply in Colombia or outside of Colombia.

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Basic Requirements for the Work Visa

1. Passport with 3 available visa pages, and valid for at least three (3) months. One page will have your work or business visa glued to it.

2. Photocopies of passport pages containing information (pages with stamps and Bio / Photo Page)

3. One original of the Visa Application Form completely filled out, and duly signed.

4. Three (3) recent color passport-type photographs, 3x4 centimeters with white background, plus 2 at 3x3 centimeters for the 2 application forms (for renewals in the country you just need 1 application form).


5. Original copy of the work contract, businesss contract, and/or joining agreement (depending on case).


6. Original letter from your employer, and sponsoring company, stating the company's assumption of all expenses.


7. Original of the certificate of legal existence of the Company, business license.


8. Original of the certification letter issued by the Colombian Social Protection Ministry indicating that the addition of the applicant to the company respects the established proportion between Colombian employees and foreign employees.


9. Copy of your diploma or degree certificate.

As part of our visa application preperation services we will help you by writing letters and assisting in completing immigration forms necessary for the work or business visa application, in addition to professional consultations regarding your particular situation. Every case is individual and has special circumstances and to save time and money it is recommended that you order and up to date case study for your visa application if you are not going to pay for the full application preperation services.

Opcional Legal Services for the Visa to Work in Colombia

Legal Document Processing Services Related to the Visa to Work In Colombia

Depending on your case, the following documents will be required, it is important to properly legalize them in order for them to de valid.

- Provision of Services Contract

- Labor Contract - Applies to both business visa and work visa (depending on corporation and consulate)

- Commercial Contract between entities for business visa and / or work visa contracts

- Apostille, Official Translation, Legalization.


Note: Depending on the country of origin and the consulate, in which the documents are presented, those should be legalized in the specific way that the embassy require.


Custom Case Study

To know exactly what you apostille documents, legalizing and /or translate, you should request a custom case study, as a result of it will receive a complete list of all documents and other requirements that your case will require.

Service Description Cost


General Consultation

Verify Verificar si calificas para esta u Otros Tipos de Visa (30 minutos) (mas info)

$49.000 Pesos / $25 USD

Case Analysis

Verifies if you qualify for this or other visa (30 minutos) (more info)

$49.000 Pesos / $25 USD

Complete Advisory

Professional Advisory whole visa process - meet all requirements, assistance with letters, forms, unlimited consultation.
(more info)

$395.000 Pesos / $219 USD



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