Colombia Pension Visa

The Colombia Pension Visa or Retirement Visa was created for retired persons receiving income from their home country. This visa is issued for 1 year at a time and must be renewed with original documents each year. 3 times minimum salary is what you must receive on a monthly income to qualify for the retirement / pension visa. $566,700 pesos is 2012 minimum salary, so you must gain $1,700,100 pesos per month. The ministry or consulates do not update they rate they use on a daily or weekly basis. The duration of this visa is one year, and after 4 years can be converted to a QUALIFIED RESIDENT VISA (AKA PERMANENT VISA).

Its important to remember that the Colombian government only likes to accept official government pension certifications like those from Social Secuity in the United States. Letters from private pension plans or savings accounts will be difficult to get approved. Please note that consulates in different locations, and/or countries look at applications differently. Developed countries may be easier "in some cases" to get approvals in when compared to poorer countries.

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Colombia Pension Visa Costs

Consular Visa Fee + Consular Doc Review Fee


175 USD (FREE US CITIZENS) + 94.500 Colombian Pesos (COP)

Professional Immigration Services for Visa

$395,000 Pesos / $220 USD

Apostille(s), Translations(s), Legalization(s)

65 - 95 USD (Legalize Social Security Benifits Example)

117 - 171.000 COP (Ejemplo de legalizear Benificios de Seguridad Social de Estados Unidos) Colombian Pesos

Messenger, Mail, and Notary Fees

$20 USD up to $100 USD

$36.000 COP up to $180.000 Colombian Pesos


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Basic Requirements for the Visa

The entire process takes about 1 week to 10 days to get the pension document you have certified by a notary, apostillized, translated and legalized by the Colombian government. After this you can apply or we can apply for your visa in Bogota. This takes 1 day to approve in person or about 1 week with our messenger service including mail time.


1. Passport with available pages, and valid for at least three (3) months.


2. DAS form to promise to notify Government if employment changes, stating current employment status, in a retirement visa you are not authorized to work since you are retired.


3. Colombia visa application form w/ 3x3 photo glued to form.


2. Photocopies of the pages of the passport containing information.


3. One original of the Visa Application Form completely filled out, and duly signed.


4. Three recent color passport-type photographs at 3x4 centimeters with a white background, and one at 3x3 centimeters for the applicaiton form.


5. Original of the certificate issued by the proper authority be it a government, a public or private enterprise; or by a
foreign company, in which it is stated that the applicant receives a pensiono This certificate must be duly legalized
by the Colombian Consul or APOSTILLED, whichever applies.

We will help you by writing letters and assisting in completing immigration forms necessary for the visa application, in addition to professional consultations regarding your particular situation. Every case is individual and has special circumstances.


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