Colombia Medical Treatment Visa

The Colombia Medical Treatment Visa was desing for persons who come to Colombia to under go Medical Treatment at clinics or licensed Medical facilities. This is a very popular visa among people who looks for affordable yet secure medical - esthetic treatment on touristic places such as Medellín, that's the reason why this visa is also known as the Colombia Medical Tourist Visa. The duration of this visa is one year.

Colombia Medical Treatment Visa Costs

Consular Visa Fee + Consular Doc Review Fee


315.000 US CITIZENS + 90.000 Colombian Pesos

Professional Immigration Services for Visa

$395,000 Pesos / $220 USD

Apostille(s), Translations(s), Legalization(s)

65 - 95 USD

117 - 171.000 COP

Messenger, Mail, and Notary Fees

$20 USD up to $100 USD

$36.000 CP up to $180.000 Colombian Pesos


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Basic Requirements for the Visa.

1. Passport with available pages, and valid for at least three (3) months.

2. Two (2) photocopies of the pages of the passport containing information.

3. Two (2) originals of the Visa Application Form completely filled out, and duly signed.

4. Three (3) recent color passport-type photographs.

5. Original of the certificate issued by the medical doctor indicating the necessary treatment and the time length required for its completion, duly endorsed by the corresponding medical institution.

6. Proof of financial solvency to remain in Colombia during the time length necessary for the medical treatment (This can be attested by submitting bank statements of the last three (3) months, certificates of income, income
tax or any other financial document).

7. Photocopy of the return ticket to the country.


We will help you by writing letters and assisting in completing immigration forms necessary for the visa application, in addition to professional consultations regarding your particular situation. Every case is individual and has special circumstances.


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