Colombia Marriage Visa

Colombia marriage Visa Basic

Marriage to a Colombian citizen in Colombia or outside of Colombia qualifies for a Colombia Marriage Visa. Common law marriages also fall under this category. The duration of the Colombia marriage Visa is up to 3 years. A common law partnership usually receives a visa for only 1 year. This varies depending on your luck and where you apply.


Gay Common Law Marriages in Colombia:
This type of marriages are now legal in Colombia and qualify for this visa as well. Find out more information on Colombian policies for gay couples, and the ongoing debate to legalize gay marriage, please click here for information about Colombia Gay Marriage.

Important Notes for the Colombia Marriage Visa:

  • A marriage Interview is Required in Bogota if you are applying for this visa inside Colombia.

  • Some Consulates do not require both persons to attend the marriage visa appointment. In this case spouses letter should always be notarized, and possibly with apostille.

  • For common law marriages in Colombia (Union Marital de Hecho, Compañero Permanente) notaries have different rules on how they consider who qualifies for this certification. Medellin notaries are commonly certifying relationships based on the last entry stamp in your passport. Bogotá notaries want to see proof of long 2 year relationships.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Relations does not care about the time, only that you have a certificate in escritura form for marriage or for common law marriage.

  • Remember these are the requirements for the visa and the requirements to get married in Colombia will vary depending on the location and your background. For more assistance with marriage preperation in Colombia please contact James @

Save Money on marriage Visa Renewals

We can renew your Colombia marriage Visa for you without the need to travel and spare you the trip to Bogota or a Consulate outside of Colombia. Please contact us for further details on how to renew your marriage visa.

Colombia marriage Visa Cost Outline

Consular Visa Fee + Consular Doc Review Fee


170.000 US CITIZENS + 90.000 Colombian Pesos

Professional immigration services for Visa

$395,000 Pesos / $220 USD

Apostille(s), translations(s), legalization(s)
(varies depending on number of pages and documents)

65 - 95 USD (Legalize and Translate Divorce or marriage Certificate)

117 - 171.000 COP (Ejemplo de Legalizar y Traduccir Certificado de Divorcio o Matrimonio)

Messenger, mail, and notary fees

$20 USD up to $100 USD

$38.000 CP up to $180.000 Colombian Pesos


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Basic Requirements for the Visa

1. Passport with available pages, and valid for at least three (3) months.

2. One (1) photocopies of the pages of the passport containing information

3. One (1) originals of the Visa Application Form completely filled out, and duly signed.

4. Three (3) recent color passport-type photographs.

5. Certified original copy of the Colombian Marriage License (registro civil de matrimonio) not older than ninety (90) days, or a copy of the legal document that certifies the existence of a common law marriage if applicable.

6. Notarized photocopy of the Colombian spouse's Colombian Citizenship Card (cédula de ciudadanía)

7. Notarized letter written by the Colombian citizen requesting the visa to the foreign spouse.

  • In the event that the foreigner wants to perform an activity other than staying at home or studying, he/she must submit documents which prove the activity to be performed in Colombia. This should be done in accordance with the rules established for Colombian citizens. The applicant should a/so submit a certificate of employment ratio (Certificado de Proporcionalidad) of foreign versus Colombian workers if he or she is hired by a prívate entity.

We will help you by writing letters and assisting in completing immigration forms necessary for the visa application, in addition to professional consultations regarding your particular situation. Every case is individual and has special circumstances.



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