Frequently asked questions

1) Are you the consulate or embassy?

No, we are a private agency which specializes in immigration and international legal document services. We work with more than 30 countries and embassies which service Colombia, in addition to the United States.

2) Where is your office located?

Our principal office is located in Medellin Colombia. We are located 1 block from Santa Fe mall in El Poblado, Medellin. We have legal representation and partner agencies which work in Miami Florida, Washington DC, United States, and of course Bogotá Colombia. You can see our contact information on our contact us page, click here to go there now.

3) Is Visas y Tramites Internacionales ( a licensed company?

Yes! Of course.


4) What does the name Visas y Tramites Internacionales mean?

Visas and International Document Services


5) How can i be sure my services will be delivered? What do you offer for consumer-buyer protection?

A) We use online payment option which is the golden standard of online consumer protection.
B) The ministry of tourism protects tourist and traveler interest and offers another level of consumer protection. Click here to verify our Colombia Tourism Agency Registration (RNT 21221)

Questions About Visas

6) Which countries do you work with?

We work with more than 30 countries in addition to Colombia. You can see the list of embassies in Colombia (embajadas in Colombia) that we work with here. Click Here For Visas

7) What types of visas do you process?

The majority of the visas we process for Colombians are tourism visas with the exception of the United States. Please see specific country pages for more information on what types of visas we offer for particular countries. Certain countries we offer visas for work and education in addition to the standard tourism visa services.


8) What types of visas to you process for the United States?

For the United States we process marriage, fiancé, work, and education visas. We also assist in organizing applications for tourism visas to the United States.


9) What types of visas do you process for Colombia?

We process all types of visas for Colombia us except for the tourism visa.


10) How long does it take to process the visa?

This depends on the type of visa, embassy, and or consulate. We will be glad to let you know if you contact us by phone or email. Visas for Colombia are much faster than visas for the United States. Generally speaking more devleoped countires take longer to approve residency visas, but tourist visas are approved on the same day, and get delivered on the spot or in about 1 week if the embassy is in Colombia.


11) Are visas guaranteed?

We are not the embassy or consulate, we are a private company so we can not gurarantee visas get approved. However, paying for professional document processing services saves you time, money and headaches. Minimize your time standing in lines and laying awake at night worrying about what is going to happen next. Leave it to the professionals, and let them guide you through immigration processes.


12) Do i lose citizenship with a residency visa in Colombia?

The first visas you get in Colombia as a foreigner do not constitute citizenship. They allow you temporary residency.

How do I legalize documents for other countries?

13) Why did the Colombia consulate, embassy, or Ministry reject my original birth certificate, marriage certificate, diplomas, or death certificate?

Colombia does not accept documents that are older than 90 days. Unlike the United states or other developed countries we believe Colombia does this to try to control fake documents, and forces people to update their documents. You must therefore order original documents from your city, county, state or government office, depending on where you live and what document you are looking for. We help people order and find personal documentation such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certiciates, divorce certificates. diplomas, an, apostilize, translate and legalize documents located in Colombia and the United States. Link to document services


14) After the apostille what is next?

Documents must be legalized after they receive an apostille seal. This can be done at a consulate, or here in Colombia at the Ministry of Foreign Relations. Birth Certificates, and Marriage Certificates require and additional step of legalizing and registration with the primer notary in Bogota. This has to be done in person in Bogotá or at a Consulate or Embassy. You may also use a document service company such as ours, to avoid costs of travelling in person at a consulate outside of Colombia.


15) What is an appostille, and how do i get an apostille?

Do not make the Number 1 most common error and think that a new apostille, and or notary stamp on an old document will work. Your original document you take to get an apostille must have less than 90 dias! Colombia denies thousands of documents every day which are copies of originals, or old documents with new apostilles. Don't make that mistake, it can be very costly when you consider arriving at an interview or appointment in another country, or another city, only to have to return to your home town and re-order these documents. If your lost and confused we can help, just visit our document services page, click here.


16) How do i avoid these headaches and complicated problems dealing with embassies?

Unless you're a professional that does this every day we recommend using a professional immigration expert. Even lawyers rely on our services because its very specialized. Save yourself the headaches and lost time. lost timeAvoid these headaches and loss of time, and hire a professional immigration documentation company such as ours. Avoid costly errors, and avoid losing your immigration privileges. Deportation, Expulsion, and failed visa applications go on your record and may permanently effect your future entry and exit rights, or residency status.


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