USA Same Sex Fiance Visa Process

Same-sex marriage rights have been a long time coming in the United States. Massachusetts was the first state to grant homosexual couples full marriage rights in 2004, three years after the Netherlands became the first country to do so. Many states followed suit as the years went by. However, 14 states were still upholding bans on gay marriage until the US Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that same-sex marriage is legal throughout the country.

If you are a gay or lesbian individual with a foreign same-sex fiancé(e), now is a great time to invite him or her to the United States to get married and start a life together. Should you desire to start a family, you can also legally adopt children, although the specific laws surrounding gay adoption vary from state to state.

Your fiancé(e)'s ticket in is the K-1 Visa, or Fiancé(e) Visa. With full marriage rights for same-sex couples came full gay immigration rights, as well, so your same-sex partner can enter the US as your fiancé(e) or spouse. The visa process is the same for same-sex couples as it is for opposite-sex couples.

Visa processes can be complicated and stressful, but we pride ourselves on making it as simple as possible for you.

We Fill Out the K-1 Visa Forms

This way, there's no chance you'll misunderstand something (like when you get to that line that makes you say, "What do they mean by THIS?") that results in a mistake on the form and possible delays or denial of your fiancé(e)'s K-1 Visa. When they're ready, we'll review them with you to make sure everything is correct. Your contribution here? Your signature. We'll even mail them in for you.

We Support You Throughout the K-1 Visa Process

Call us. Ask us questions until you feel confident about what's going on with your application. This process doesn't have to be a mystery, and we're happy to explain it all to you.

You Pay One Price with a Money-Back Guarantee

There are no hidden costs or fees. One price puts us on your side throughout the entire time it takes to get from the Petition for Alien Fiancé(e) to your fiancé(e)'s arrival in the United States. If your visa is denied because of our error, we'll return our fee. Simple as that.

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