Spouse Visa for the US or K3 Visa

IMPORTANT: The main requirement to aim for K3 Visa for Colombians is married, even if you are not married, we recommend applying for K1 Visa Colombia (Click Here)

Spouse Visa Colombia or K3 Visa It's Now Visa CR1

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    Spouse Visa USCIS Visa Processing Times

    Processing Times for Applications ofSpouse Visa The United States: If someone promisses you that you will get your papers filed in a few months then they are not being honest. With this link you can verify The USCIS immigration center processing times for the Spouse Visa for the US or K3 Visa. Go to this link and you can select your processing center to find the processing times for the type of visa you are applying for.



    Important Note:

    Click this link to see USCIS Spouse Visa for the United States or K3 Visa Application Processing Times:

    Then you can look on the page for yourself and find the AVERAGE PROCESSING TIMES for immigration forms like the I-129F Spouse Visa for the US or K3 Visa Form and the I-130 FAMILY PETITION FORMS. For the Spouses filings are now done in 3 phases. 2 before the consulate interview, and 1 package is sent in to schedule the visa after the application for the Spouse Visa for the United States is approved. This applies for everyone that has their fiance or spouse still living over seas. There no more direct filing for spouses or spouses over seas. This was ended around the world in all embassies to put more central control over visas. This new rule went into effect in August of 2011.

    Often people believe that the best way to bring their loved ones from oversees back to the US is getting married and then applying for the Spouse Visa. Sadly, reality is sometimes different than we usually presume, since there are so much fraud cases, the USCIS and the United States legislation pays to much attention to the Spouse Visa applications.

    This situation makes the K3 Visa Application a very complex process, more complex than for example, the k1 Visa process. Lots of couples that aren't married yet but want to live together in the U.S. should stop to consider if getting married outside the country is the best option for them.

    All cases are different, but we usually advise our clients that aren´t marry yet, to issue for the K1 Fiance Visa so they can get marry in the US and have it way more easily. If you want to learn more about the k1 Visa Colombia please follow this link (Click Here).

    Schedule Spouse Visa for the US or K3 Visa Appointment in American Embassy in Bogota Colombia:

    Getting your appointment / interview in Bogota is the very last part of the visa process. After August of 2011 the United States government stopped direct consular filings. Now all marriage, and Spouse Visa for the US and the rest of the countries must be submitted in the United States first. After documents are approved in the US the USCIS will assign a case number to Bogota, and then ship your Spouse Visa or K3 Visa package to them. At this time you can schedule your appointment with the American Embassy in Bogota Colombia

    Click this link to schedule your Spouse Visa or K3 Visa appointment in Bogota:

    Spouse Visa for the United States or K3 Visa (CR1) Visa Requirements: A Few Important Qualifying Points for American Citizens that want to file for the Spouse Visa or K3 Visa in Bogota Colombia:

    These are important guidelines you should consider before applying for the Spouse Visa for the US or K3 Visa (CR1). If you do not meet these requirements then you should not file for the petition for the K1 visa.You should speak with a professional or wait until you qualify for the requirements. We don't accept clients which do not meet the following requirements because we like our clients applications to be successful, as we aim for 100% of our K3 Visa to be approved. Dont risk getting rejected, or loosing months because your papers get sent back because of small error, or lack of sufficient evidence. Use a professional service, and study some of the basic requirements listed here.Colombia Apostille from just 22 USD, also others k1 visa colombia, k3 visa colombia, k3 visa bogota, k1 visa bogota ,fiance visa colombia

    1) Financial Support: The United States government wants to know you can support your Spouse, so K3 Visa applicants without children must have an American sponsor who has income of 24,000 USD per year. If the American Citizen does not meet this requirement then he or she should have a financial sponsor which does meet these conditions. For every child or dependent person you must add 4,000 dollars per year to the salary. You must include all children of the foreign fiance and American citizen.


    2) Current on Filing Taxes: The American Citizen must be current on filing US Federal taxes, and yes this includes Puerto Rican CItizens. You can be on a payment or instalment plan with your taxes, but just be sure that your filings are current.


    3) K1 Visa applicant should have to meet in person at least 1 time: The American Citizen must have seen his or her fiance in person at least 1 time.


    4) Limit to 2 fiances in your life: Spouse Visa for the United States or K3 Visa, can be ishued only 2 times. You may not bring over more than 2 fiances to the US.


    5) No Histroy of Violence Agianst Partners: You may not have a history of domestic abuse.

    * Contact James@ColombiaVisas.com if you have questions regarding the K1 Visa requirements .


    A Detailed Explanation of How We Process the Spouse Visa for the United States or K3 Visa (CR1) - COLOMBIANA VISA Applications in BOGOTA):

    1. After our initial phone consultations: which we conduct with the AMERICAN CITIZEN, AND COLOMBIAN CITIZEN, we will determine the most effective and expedient method of processing yourSpouse Visa for the US or K3 Visa petition.

    2. An information welcome packet will be sent to both the American citizen and Colombian citizen. They will contain detailed instructions so you can begin gathering the required information and supporting documents that we will need to prepare your Spouse Visa for the United States or K3 Visa petition.

    3. Unlimited Consultations via Phone and Email: Once you receive our information packet, we will again consult with you and your fiance by telephone to go over all of the details and to answer any questions that you may have in English and Spanish for the Colombian Citizen. We provide step by step guidance and recommendations.

    4. Spouse Visa Application Preparation: After you return your information packet to us, we will immediately begin the task of preparing your Spouse Visa for the US or K3 Visa petition. If we see that we are lacking any information or required documents from you, we will contact you so we can obtain everything that we need in order to successfully submit your petition to the USCIS.

    5. We will write a detailed cover letter to the USCIS: explaining your relationship and the circumstances of how you actually met along with a detailed check list describing your Spouse Visa petition and all of its contents. A neat, well prepared petition will be presented to the USCIS, and assembled in a logical order that the USCIS prefers to see. This can be beneficial in expediting the processing times at the USCIS.

    6. Ship and file Package with USCIS: After confirming the USCIS has received your petition, we will send you a complete copy of your Fiance Visa petition to your fiance/fiancee in Colombia just exactly as it was submitted by us to the USCIS. This copy will be used to present at your appointment in Bogota.

    7. Visa Approval in USA with USCIS: When you receive your approval from the USCIS in the United States, you will again contact us. We will then assist you in notifying the Embassy that your petition Spouse Visa for the US or K3 Visa was successfully approved. We will also assist you in setting up the medical exam and expediting an interview date. There is no need to wait for the Embassy to take their time contacting your Fiancee and setting up an interview date that can be many months away.

    9. After your Spouse arrives in the United States on the Spouse Visa: and you marry, we are happy to provide you at no additional charge any information regarding the steps you will follow to complete the process

We are with you every step of the way from start to finish.

We are dedicated to keeping families together!

(Visas y Tramites Internacionales is American Owned and Operated)

Spouse visa or K3 visa Petition Preparation: Discounted now to only $695.00 for our fees plus a $420.00 filing fee payable to the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services), K-3/CR1-IR1 Marraige Visa Preparation is dollars.

No matter where you live in the US, or what country your Spouse lives in, we can SUCCESSFULLY process your K3 Visa petition. Of course we specialize in helping people from Colombia as we have offices in Colombia.


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